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Double Glazing

Australian Glass and Glazing Pty. Ltd. Adelaide utilize high-quality residential and commercial insulated glass.

Insulating glass consists of two or more hermetically sealed glass panes separated by an air space in combination with various sealants, spacers, gases and desiccants. It is designed to reduce heat loss in cold weather and solar heat buildup during warm weather. It is also designed to filter out unwanted noise.

Appropriate selection of the glass will achieve maximum impact and greater customer satisfaction:

  • Clear and neutral tints provide higher light transmission, yet still improve energy efficiency.
  • Increased insulating performance may be achieved by selecting from a variety of glass tints and pyrolytic coatings.
  • High performance insulated glass provides high visibility and low solar heat gain by combining of a variety of glass colors and coatings to achieve optimum energy efficiency. Reflective coatings help create distinctive designs, while achieving superior solar control characteristics.
Glass Types

Laminated Glass

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