How to Survey a UPVC Window?
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*All retrofit windows are measured from outside the house.

Measuring to find the size for your new uPVC window is easy and takes literally a couple of minutes. The key points to remember is that you are not actually measuring the size of the old window but the size of the brick opening.

You will be fixing the uPVC frame into this opening therefore the frame you order must be smaller by approx 10mm than the smallest brick opening size so make sure you measure the brickwork in at least 3 places to find the smallest size.

We work in mm and require your order or quote to be in mm. If you get stuck with a survey please email us with your question and a few pics and we will try to sort you out

Choose the window/door style you want then with your measurements E-mail to get your free window quote.

The bottom line is that a survey is not rocket science!

Take your time and remember the following golden rules:

  • Measure twice order once
  • Measure the outside brick opening
  • Measure in several places to find the smallest size

Remember - if you have any questions or problems, please contact us!

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