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Housing Industry Association in AdelaideThe team of Australian Glass and Glazing Pty. Ltd. is proud to share with you some exciting news. House fitted with our double glazed windows and doors recently won 2012 Sustainable Home of the Year Award from the Housing Industry Association in Adelaide (completely uninformed house is participating for award we received endorsement letter from the client . Copy of the letter is placed underneath).

As many of you have already discovered, we manufacture beautiful double glazed windows and doors that are full of fine details that you can see, but there are also many details that are behind-the-scenes that you or your clients may not be able to fully appreciate until you open your utility bills month after month and see the savings!

Our Tilt and Turn windows, Awning windows, Stacker sliding doors and many other door and window types are manufactured using most advanced frames and to the highest standard (please refer to our about us page). Our window frames have U value of 1.4 W/m2K and in the combination with appropriate glass will significantly improve energy rating of your dwelling.

We are honored to be recognized by our customers, as this year house with our windows and doors won Sustainable Home of the Year Award, but the truth is, we have always built most advanced, energy-efficient windows and doors for our clients. Thank you for sharing this honor with us. We look forward to designing and manufacturing your next windows and doors.

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